Human Evolution Research Center
3101 Valley Life Sciences Building
University of California
Berkeley, CA, 94720-3160
Tel: 510 642-7952 Fax: 510 643-8231






UCB Graduate students, postdocs and faculty may be invited to apply for formal affiliation with HERC.
Affiliation is by invitation only.

In order to insure, accurately represent, record, and attribute the productivity of HERC'S research and teaching missions:

Listing HERC as an author's affiliation is never required, even if the author has formal affiliation (see above and HERC personnel). Acknowledgment of HERC support is required in cases where HERC facilities and other support were important in deriving the results being reported.
Prior to submission/presentation, all authors/coauthors wishing to list a formal HERC institutional affiliation on any public presentation or written work that they intend to submit/present must independently inform and receive written permission to do so from the HERC Director, who may ask to review the submission/presentation.
In cases for which the Director will be absent at the actual time of submission, the author(s) must plan in advance to define and reach written agreement with the Director on an action plan for submission/presentation.
One .pdf copy and two printed copies of all published work listing a HERC affiliation or acknowledgment should be provided to the HERC Director immediately subsequent to publication so that these can be added to the HERC website and Library.


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