Tributes to
J. Desmond Clark



As with so many of us, Desmond had a profound impact on our lives. I (literally) arrived on his doorstep in the late summer of 1976 and said, "I want to become an Afican prehistorian" he didn't laugh (I had very little relevant background) but instead, took me under his wing and tutored me weekly for the following two years. I was allowed to audit seminars and lectures and taken in as part of "the family".

Desmond, the world has lost a true gem, a great teacher, mentor and friend. You were always "game" to try something new - whether it be riding elephants, throwing colored water on us and our Indian colleagues during "Holi" or trying out the local "brew". Studying with you, knowing you and working with you has been a gift in my life for which I am very grateful.

Now, I wish you well on your journey to new places. May it be filled with old colleagues, primary sites, artefacts, fossils, good whiskey and cigars.

-Carole Sussman, UC San Diego