Tributes to
J. Desmond Clark


I have always admired academic greatness, and John Desmond Clark was all of that and much more. What I admire even more in a human being is kindness, graciousness, generosity, and sincere care for other human beings. Desmond and Betty were exemplary in that way as well.

As an undergraduate anthropology/prehistoric archaeology major, I received the finest education I could possibly hope for from Desmond and his staff, including ample opportunities to partake in research. He was so supportive and encouraged me to take on new tasks with confidence. In addition, I was suffering from severe medical/neurological problems as a student, and he and Betty did everything they possibly could to try to help and comfort me as human beings. Even after graduation, I received communications from the Clarks, and was welcomed into their home whenever I should be able to find myself in Berkeley. And of course, we shall never forget his shouts of "Jolly Good!", and the time in his class of Technology in Anthropology when we all discovered that a "magic lantern" in British terminology actually denoted a slide projector in American!

I am very sorry to see both of them gone, but they are not gone from my heart and memories, and they have left a wonderful legacy in so many, many ways to so many people!

-Debra Autrey