Tributes to
J. Desmond Clark


The century closed its chapter with the departure of the greatest archaeologist it had created. Africa has known not so many scholars who were as interested in its values and importance in the history of humanity and cultures, as was Desmond Clark.
The plains of Ogaden, the head waters of Wabe-Shebele and the caves of Porc-Epic & Laga-Oda; the Middle Awash sites of Bodo, Maka, Meadura, Dawaitoli, Hargufia, Bouri and Aduma; and other sites like Arba were areas where Desmond unearthed and revealed few of the chapters on the history of early human cultures & their dynamics.

I was fortunate enough to have known Desmond even if it was only for the last 20 years. This last 20 years have determined the direction of the life I chose to follow. That life I chose to follow is inspired by Desmond. Desmond was an inspiration to all Africanist Archaeologists. He had inspired most of Africa's emerging generation of Archaeologists through his brilliant works and vibrant personality. Desmond was our teacher, guide, support and inspiration. He was a living legend & he will remain a legend and his works will continue to inspire us all.

-Yonas Beyene, Department of Archaeology and Anthropology; ARCCH, Ethiopia