Tributes to
J. Desmond Clark


I first met Professor Desmond Clark at the Pan African meeting in Addis Ababa, in 1972. He came to congratulate me. As a young scientist, giving my first talk in an international audience, I was astonished and strongly encouraged in my research. This is just an example, a testimony among many, of the constant support and human concern and care that Desmond had for students, scientists from different countries and different fields of research. Such open mind and broad scientific curiosity is the privilege of a Great Scientist.
Since then, I had many opportunities to see Desmond at different scientific Congress or gathering, during which I appreciated his stimulating conversation, and his very pleasant sense of humor. He was enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and happiness. At different occasions, I had the honor to be invited to Betty and Desmond's house. Sharing a dinner or a party in their company was a unique pleasure.

In the evocation of being fortunate to work with Desmond, I should recall the time for field work that I spent at Gadeb prehistoric site, the long evening chats, with our small group in the Spartan camping site of the Ethiopian Highlands. It was during Civil War, an insecure situation. Desmond serenity is legendary. Day after day, he indefatigably worked on the archaeological excavation. One Sunday, we all climbed Mont Bale up to over 4000 m. He was looking with us at the moorland vegetation, with his elegant silhouette in the mist. His strain for better knowledge will always keep us going further.

At the Berkeley Conference in tribute to his long career, Desmond shared with all the audience his emotion in memory of Glynn Isaac, a nearest colleague and friend. He was so sincerely affected by his disappearance and found the appropriate words to express his kindness.
Today, I join my colleagues and friends in sharing the deep sorrow of having lost a Famous Archaeologist of real international status, a Great Wise Man and a unique, friendly Human Figure, that we will always fondly remember.

Je tiens à exprimer ma profonde sympathie à Betty, sa femme, compagne attentive de tous les jours et soutien de sa longue et riche carrière professionnelle.

Raymonde Bonnefille, Directeur de recherche, CNRS CEREGE, Aix-en- Provence, France