Tributes to
J. Desmond Clark


J.Desmond Clark and my grandfather, the Spanish archaeologist Luis Pericot, were very good friends. They visited each other many times and I met J.D.Clark in the 1960's in Barcelona, when I was a child. He fascinated me and many years after, when I became professor of Prehistory at the University of Barcelona, I invited him many times to reunions and other academic events. He and Betty were so charming that all my students were also fascinated by them. The last time that I saw J.Desmond Clark, in Rome, october '99, he still recognized me, I attended to his lecture and we talked for a long time; last Christmas I received a lovely card from him, that I thought that was his good bye: I will keep it forever. Thank you forever for all your warm words and your science.

Josep M. Fullola Pericot, Professor of Prehistory, University of Barcelona (Spain)