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This e-memorial was established in February of 2002 to help honor the memory of the late John Desmond Clark, a pioneer in studies of world prehistory. Desmond was a legend in his own time, leaving footprints on every continent. His lifetime of achievement will continue to impress us. His relentless pursuit of knowledge about the human past will continue to inspire us.

Desmond passed away on February 14th. His wife of 64 years, Betty Baume Clark, survived him by only two months. Many of the tributes contained here were written for Desmond by friends, colleagues, and admirers before Betty passed away in April. We invite you to add your tributes and memories to those offered here by others; a word, a sentence, a memory, a story, a poem, a prayer, a "jolly good show," a picture, or any other expression that you might wish to share with the global community that the Clarks created.

Follow the link below to record your thoughts. Contributions of any length are appropriate. Explore the photos in the links below, and contribute your own photos to lhesjdc1@socrates.berkeley.edu via jpeg attachment (< 2.0 megabytes).

Please inform any and all who might wish to join in remembering Desmond and Betty here. If you wish to contribute by regular mail, you may write to Elizabeth Agrilla, Museum of Vertebrate Zoology, University of California at Berkeley, 94720-3160, USA. She will arrange, with your permission, for your comments to be included on the website.

Late in 2002, all of the written and photographic tributes will be printed, with copies given to the Clark family and the U.C. Berkeley Anthropology Library. We will never overcome losing Desmond and Betty, and we shall always miss them. Please join in remembering them, saluting them, and honoring their memory with your thoughts and words.


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