Tributes to
J. Desmond Clark



We would like to pay special tribute to Desmond and Betty Clark for their generosity, unparalleled hospitality and warm friendship. Much has been said on this web site about Professor Clark's significant contributions to African prehistory and to the method and theory of archaeology. But what
always touched us was how this legendary couple in the field of archaeology would open their doors to new immigrants to the land of Berkeley. When we came to the university in 1987, Desmond and Betty went out of their way to welcome us and to make us feel at home. The cocktail parties and dinners they hosted at their unique house on 1941 Yosemite Street have now taken on a mythical quality in the Berkeley community. Some of our best times were spent over crackling fires, drinking beer from one of Desmond's many steins from England and Africa, listening to tales of Africa and the early years of archaeology. While Desmond would regale us with many stories, Betty would add commentary from her chair while drinking whiskey from her trademark silver chalice. In addition to the round of social events that the Clark's regularly hosted in town, they also invited people out to their cabin in the woods at Inverness near Tomales Bay. Here Desmond and Betty loved to throw oyster bakes in the warm months, assembling various casts of characters to taste the tender shellfish foraged earlier in the day from the local oyster farms. We have included a few pictures from one such event on July 17, 1993. Desmond and Betty were truly special people who will be missed always.

Sincerely, Kent Lightfoot and Roberta Jewett