Tributes to
J. Desmond Clark


All of us here have had a connection with Desmond, whether as student, colleague, family member or friend, and we each have different memories of him. I have known Desmond for more than 30 years, first because my daughter, Laurel, was a student of his. Then we became next door neighbors. Over time we became close friends, we often had our before-dinner drinks together, he drank Black Label and water, I drank Bourbon on ice. Our prejudices were enough alike that we were always comfortable with each other. Our professional spheres were different, he an archaeologist, I a physicist, so that we often had somehting interesting that one of us could discourse upon. Desmonds interests and knowledge were wide ranging. He had a strong and liberal view on matters political and economic that were in the news of the day. He felt very strongly about human rights issues. A mild nostalgia for the British Empire was sometimes apparent in his views. We sometimes shared a sense of shame at the words or actions of our political leaders.

Something of Desmond will live on in the memories that each of us has of this extraordinary man.

- Edward J. Lofgren, 27 February 2002