Tributes to
J. Desmond Clark


"John Desmond Clark was by all standards the greatest Guru of African Prehistory. I was very lucky to be one of his many informal students. Even after the Ph.D, I had not clearly comprehended the Kombewa technique. Consequently I took the opportunity to engege Desmond in a discussion about the Kombewa after he had bought me lunch at the campus cafeteria in Berkeley. Being the great teacher he was, he invited me to the lab where he pulled out drawers and drawers of artifacts. One of the drawers contained Kombewa flakes from different parts of Africa. Having chosen several pieces, he methodically and meticulously pointed out the main technical attributes of the Kombewa flake. As a good student, I understood him and have passed down the knowledge to others. Desmond will be missed by
many of us. Please convey my condolences to Betty, their son and daughter."

-Fidelis T. Masao, Open University of Tanzania