Tributes to
J. Desmond Clark


I met Desmond Clark at the 10th Pan African Congress for Pre-history held at the University of Zimbabwe in Harare in 1995.
It was Marina Bond (wife of the late Professor Geoffrey Bond) who introduced me to Desmond. Marina arranged a picnic lunch for the outing to Dombashawa Cave, and I remember being very impressed by the fact that Desmond not only ate a good lunch but also put away two well poured Gin and Tonic before the ascent to the cave...It was a hot day, and a fairly steep axcent. Desmond managed with only one stop for a deep breath! At the end of the afternoon, once we had come down again, and before moving on to a dinner date with friends in Harare, we went back to Marina's home, and she, being wise in the ways of entertaining Desmond, poured him two generous Brandy and ginger ales... to help him recover from the afternoon's activities. It was an honour and a privilege to have spent time in Desmond's company....It was fun and informative.

Valerie Taylor, formerly of Zimbabwe now resident in Cape Town Republic of South Africa. (A student, through UNISA of, Archaeology)