Tributes to
J. Desmond Clark


Back when I was just starting out as an undergraduate, Desmond Clark came to my college for a semester to teach and give a series of public lectures. He was so prestigious that he was monopolised by the staff and we undergraduates weren't allowed to attend his seminars, but somehow I managed to meet him at some sort of reception. We got to talking about how we both loved to collect 'stuff' as kids and he told me that I had the makings of a good archaeologist. What a thrill that was. Someone understood my passion. After that I used to run into him in the library and we had some wonderful long chats about archaeology. He didn't seem to mind that I was an ignorant beginner. He had lots of time for an eager disciple. His encouragement gave me enormous confidence and was absolutely critical to my continuing in archaeology. He continued to be a great role model through his prolific writing. I'm sorry that our paths didn't cross again, but I treasure my memories of his kindness and his passion for archaeology. He will be remembered by me at least as a generous and inspiring person as well as for his substantial and influential contributions to our shared discipline.

Robin Torrence, Australian Museum, Sydney