Tributes to

Betty Baume Clark

J. Desmond Clark

I'm sure that many of my colleagues in journalism would join me in remembering how invariably ...-David Perlman, San Francisco Chronicle

To the friend and mentor I never met. Thank you, and you will be missed.-Lucinda Backwell, University of the Witwatersrand

I was a visiting professor in anthropology for the Spring term in 1999...-Clark Larsen, Ohio State University

I met Desmond and his wife Betty only a few years ago, in Zimbabwe...-Savino di Lernia, University of Rome "La Sapienza"

When I went to study Anthropology at Berkeley in 1993, I was asked which of Berkeley's...-Di Beach

Reporters who spent time with Desmond Clark found out soon enough why...-Charles Petit, U. S. News and World Report

Desmond is truly an international scholar; He left his legends in...-GAO Xing, IVPP, China

I am very sorry to hear that Desmond Clark died. One of the last giants...-Avraham Ronen, Zinman Institute of Archaeology, University of Haifa, Israel

I got to know Desmond while working as his editorial assistant for several months on the third Kalambo Falls...-Rebecca Jabbour, CUNY

I will miss Desmond so much. I saw him all too rarely in the past years, but his ideas, his intellect, his passion for...-Colin Groves, Australian National Museum

I had the privilege and pleasure of working with Desmond late in his career, up to...-Diane Gifford-Gonzalez, UCSC

J.Desmond Clark and my grandfather, the Spanish archaeologist Luis Pericot, were very good friends...-Josep M. Fullola Pericot, Professor of Prehistory, University of Barcelona

The passing of Desmond marks the end of an era. Everything that he did was on a grand scale...-Lyn Wadley, Archaeology, Wits University, South Africa.

Desmond was a legendary scientist. He was also a very charming man...-Jean-Jacques Hublin, Professor of Anthropology, University of Bordeaux

I met Desmond in person on only four or five occasions, but immensely more times through his publications... - Martin Pickford, National Museum of Natural History, Paris

I was privileged to see how deeply Desmond Clark cared for students and the rites of educational passage... -Walter Hartwig, Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine

I did not know Desmond Clark at all well, but an enduring memory was... -Sven Ouzman, Head of the Rock Art Department, National Museum of South Africa

Although I was more or less familiar with his published work, and knew him by reputation, I only came to know Desmond... -Geoffrey A. Clark, Arizona State University

As with so many of us, Desmond had a profound impact on our lives... -Carole Sussman, UC San Diego

I first met Desmond when he visited Rutgers to teach a course in African Prehistory... -Susan Cachel, Rutgers University

I knew the name already from the books and papers... -John de Vos, Naturalis, Leiden, The Netherlands

My only meeting with Desmond was for lunch in Cambridge... -Rob Marchant, University of Amsterdam

The news of J. Desmond Clark's death on February 14, 2002 was relayed to me... -Francis Musonda, National Museum Board of Zambia

I remember Desmond's back! He was always the first one up the hill... -Karla Savage, The Christensen Fund

I met Professor J.Desmond Clark at Fort-Lamy in 1966... -Colette Roubet, Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris

I was shocked to hear the sad news that Professor Emeritus John Desmond Clark passed away... -Yohannes Haile Selassie, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

It is indeed with a heavy heart that I reminisce about times spent with Desmond in China... -Dennis A. Etler, Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA

It is very sad news to me that Prof. Clark died on Feb.14th who have been a wonderful mentor since... -Kidong Bae, Dept. of Anthropology, Hanyang Unviersity, Seoul, Korea

Desmond has given me life-lasting inspiration, and therefore hope, with his unmatched enthusiasm for the science of prehistory... -Gen Suwa, The University of Tokyo

Desmond Clark "The Father of Zambian Heritage" Well done, God Bless... -Management and Staff of National Heritage Conservation Commission H/Qs, Livingstone -Zambia.

There will not likely again ever be a prehistoric archeologist and gentleman like Desmond Clark... -Dr. Lawrence Guy Straus, Editor, Journal of Anthropological Research

I had the privilege of taking an undergraduate Anthropology class given by Desmond Clark at Berkeley in 1961... -Christopher B. Donnan, UCLA

Desmond has the rare combination of being respected as a giant in his field, and at the same time being beloved by all whom he encountered.. -Elisabeth Vrba, Department of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University

It was so lucky that my real practice in Paleolithic was guided by Desmond's team... -HOU Ya-Mei, IVPP, China

I was a stupid geneticist who knew little about the diversity of African people... -Becky Cann, University of Hawaii

I met Desmond for the first time in December 1979... -Berhane Asfaw, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Dear Desmond, we feel honoured for having known you and having been friends of yours... -Barbara Barich and Giampaolo Zangirolami, University of Rome "La Sapienza"

After the Pan African Congress held in Harare, while travelling by bus to the Victoria
Falls with Desmond and Betty Clark
... - Francis Thackeray, Transvaal Museum, South Africa

In 1985 Cedric Poggenpoel and I were excavating the VOC outpost at Oudepost, I with a team of students from the University of Cape Town... -Anonymous

The century closed its chapter with the departure of the greatest archaeologist it had created... -Yonas Beyene, ARCCH, Ethiopia

I first met Desmond Clark in 1960 outside the town now called Mbala, Zambia,... -Dan Livingstone, Professor of Biology, Duke University

Desmond was one of the people who made life worth living... - Steve Edwards

I met Desmond Clark at the 10th Pan African Congress for Pre-history held at the University of Zimbabwe in Harare in 1995... -Valerie Taylor, Cape Town, Republic of South Africa

John Desmond Clark was by all standards the greatest Guru of African Prehistory... -Fidelis T. Masao, Open University of Tanzania

All of us here have had a connection with Desmond, whether as student, colleague, family member or friend... -Edward Lofgren

Desmond was a member of my graduate committee... -John Olsen, The University of Arizona

I wish I could say that I knew J. Desmond Clark well... -Steve Kuhn, The University of Arizona

I had the privilege of meeting Professor Desmond Clark about 20 years ago... -Giday WoldeGabriel, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Desmond and I crossed paths quite a bit over the last twenty years... -Pete Robertshaw, California State University San Bernardino

I am saddened to learn that we have lost J. Desmond Clark... - Monte L. McCrossin - New Mexico State University

Desmond's Britishness sometimes bemused his American friends... -Peter White, University of Sydney

I first met Professor Desmond Clark at the Pan African meeting in Addis Ababa, in 1972... -Raymonde Bonnefille, Directeur de recherche, CNRS, France

Back when I was just starting out as an undergraduate, Desmond Clark came to my college for a semester... -Robin Torrence, Australian Museum, Sydney

A few days ago we received the sad news from the University of California, Berkeley that Emeritus Professor John Desmond Clark... -Jordi Serrallonga, Victoria Medina, and all the members of HOMINID Human Origins Group, Spain

I have read with great interest and sadness about the enormous impression that my grandfather appears to have left on so many people's lives... -Sarah Leijten-Clark - Granddaughter, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Dear Colleagues and family of Desmond Clark... -The Director Antonis Bartsiokas, for the Anaximandrian Institute of Human Evolution, Greece

Desmond was one of the most gracious and good-natured persons I have ever known... -Richard Hay, The University of Arizona

I was very saddened to hear of the death of Desmond Clark... -Robert Foley, University of Cambridge

My introduction to Desmond took place in 1960 at the headquarters of the Royal Anthropological Institute in London... - Kenneth A.R. Kennedy, Cornell University

It was with great dismay that I learnt of the death of Professor J. Desmond Clark of the University of California (Berkeley)... - Tadesse Terfa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

One of my few regrets as an anthropologist is that I never had the pleasure of meeting Desmond... -Grant McCall

In the 1970s and 1980s if one wanted to study African archaeology, the University of California, Berkeley was one's first choice... -Yusuf M. Juwayeyi, Hunter College, City University of New York

I met Desmond when I was a graduate student at the Crop Evolution Lab at the University of Illinois... -Ann Stemler, De Anza College

To colleague and friend from the early days of central African archeaology... -Roger Summers, and daughter Hilary Vickers, South Africa.

A truly genuine man.
.. - Philippa Rixon

Although I was not fortunate enough to know Professor Clark personally... -Parth R. Chauhan.

Desmond Clark's contributions to African archaeology are, to say the least, legendary... -John R.F. Bower, University of Minnesota, Duluth

Professor Desmond Clark will be remembered with deep affection and esteem by those who knew him... -Indrani Chattopadhyaya, Delhi University, India.

Desmond Clark was a living legend, a guide and a model for all of us... -Professor Marcel Otte, Universite de Liege, Service de Prehistoire, Liege, Belgium.

I cannot claim to have known Desmond well at a personal level... -Chris Stringer, British Museum of Natural History.

I was an anthropology major at Cal, graduating in 1979... -Richard Fong, BA Anthropology, 1979

Professor J Desmond Clark CBE! I find myself brought up with a round turn --- to me he was my big brother... -Moira Coulson.

Professor Desmond Clark inspired and supported many young scholars from Africa to become archaeologists and to love and respect archaeology... -Tadewos Assebework, Department of Anthropology, Indiana University at Bloomington

The friendship that Bob and Laura Brain have had with Desmond and Betty goes back half a century... -Laura and Bob Brain, South Africa

I have been surveying and excavating various sites over 20 years... -Erksin Gulec, Turkey

I met Desmond Clark at the Zambesi Boat Club in 1956 , we rowed together in coxless fine fours on the Zambezi River... -Fred Punter

I spent a wonderful and very memorable field session with Desmond and Betty in Ethiopia in the early 1970s... - Allison Galloway, University of California, Santa Cruz

Desmond was kind-hearted and always supportive of others... -Sileshi Semaw, Department of Anthropology, Indiana University.

I first heard of Dr.Desmond Clark's work way back when I was a fascinated teenager and he a young(ish) man... -Denise Bowman

I have always admired academic greatness, and John Desmond Clark was all of that and much more... -Debra Autrey

Desmond was one of the most inspiring people I've been priveleged to know... -Paul Renne, Berkeley Geochronology Center

Obituary: John Desmond Clark published in the South African Archaeological Bulletin, June 2002... - Hilary Deacon, Research Fellow, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

J. Desmond Clark had been an inspiration to me... -Natasha Knapper

A giant in his field, a gentleman, a legend!... -Giorgio Manzi, Italian Institute of Human Paleontology (Rome)

It is obvious, J. Desmound Clark is a world figure and an eminent scholar... -Kebede Geleta

Two excerpts from interviews with Professor Clark recorded in 1996 and 2000... -Pamela Jane Smith

Desmond Clark: some personal thoughts... - Derek Roe, Oxford University

We would like to pay special tribute to Desmond and Betty Clark for their generosity, unparalleled hospitality and warm friendship...Kent Lightfoot and Roberta Jewett, UC Berkeley

Who else would listen intently to your ideas, read your written words and make all the proper comments and ask all the right questions...-Carole Travis-Henikoff

I have many warm memories of lively evenings at Desmond's and Betty's home...-Anna K. Behrensmeyer