Tributes to
J. Desmond Clark


It was so lucky that my real practice in Paleolithic was guided by Desmond's team, which was initiated by Sino-American project for excavating at Donggutuo site in Nihewan basin in the early time of 1990s. At his old age he kept his rhythm of working and living as anybody else in the field, getting up very earlier and caring about work very carefully. His enthusiasm for science and gentleness for life impressed and influenced people around him. In later years I met him several times in China or abroad. Every time for me is to appreciate his elegance at many meanings. As always he kept his style of a profound thinker who is able to awaken those right followers. It was him who built a long and wide bridge between China and USA for human origins research. His friendship with great Chinese archaeololgist JIA Lanpo who died last July is also a nice witness of that history. I believe it will continue to compose new chapters by our later generations. We will forever remember his great contribution to prehistoric world in our memorial flow.

-HOU Ya-Mei, IVPP, China