February 2020

Prof. Hlusko speaks at Oklahoma State University’s First Friday seminar about genetics, paleontology, Vitamin D, and the Last Glacial Maximum.

January 2020

HERC alumnus Asst. Prof. Tesla Monson of Western Washington University is featured in an article highlighting her participation in the Bearded Lady Project.

December 2019

Prof. Hlusko speaks on her  wide-ranging research on the effects of EDAR V370A gene  at UC Davis.
While there, Prof. Hlusko, Dr. Josh Carlson, and graduate student Cat Taylor meet with Prof. Tim Weaver and Dr. Laura Buck to discuss the ongoing   Morphological consequences of hybridization in primate and human evolution: a macaque model  project.

October 2019

Prof. Hlusko speaks at Leakey Foundation’s premiere of sculptor Elisabeth Daynes’ newest exhibition, Find Yourself at Gallery 836M in San Francisco.

September 2019

Dr. Laura Sánchez, HERC Isaac Postdoctoral Scholar, arrives in Berkeley.

August 2019

HERC co-sponsors film premiere and exhibit at the Lawrence Hall of Science; Prof. Hlusko leads panel discussion:

Former Berkeley Ph.D. student Dr. Yohannes Haile-Selassie announces new fossil from Ethiopia in Nature; Prof. White's comments here:

Prof. Hlusko chosen as Adobe Teaching Fellow to develop a visual media project for her award-winning Human Biological Variation course.

July 2019

Prof. Tim White delivers Inaugural CENIEH-Cajaviva Distinguished Lecture in Burgos, Spain, celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the Centro:

May 2019

Maddie Zuercher awarded IB’s Departmental Citation, the department's highest undergraduate honor:

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